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The massages



Staying at L'Affenadou gives you the privilege to take care of yourself with pleasant relaxation possibilities.

In a welcoming and warm setting, as a reward for your efforts on our mountainous paths, why wouldn'tyou offer yourself some confort, some privileged moment with yourself.


Marie and Nelly can offer you several massage programmes:

The hiker massage
( not medical- not therapeutic)

This massage - 30mns- will give your back and your legs suppleness and relaxation after a day's walk. Gentle but deep, it's done with bio essential oils adapted to sore muscles.

Price: 35 euros


We can offer a second programme for this hiker massage:

The foot Thaï massage (feet, legs, knees) lasting half an hour with relaxing oils which will bring you a deep soothing sensation.

The massage for your back and shoulders. You remain sitting on a chair and it last 15 mns.


Complete massage: 45 euros


The  Ayurvédique massage:
( no médical, no thérapeutic)

This ancient Indian practice aims at simulating your vital energy, at soothing your mind and release your tensions so that body and mind be harmonized.
Thanks to soft but deep pressures, this massage with 100% bio essential oils gives you a highly appreciated relaxation.
Complet massage 1h30  :   70 euros
Back, legs massage  1/2 heure   : 35 euros
Head, face, nape massage  1/2 heure: 35 euros


The Foot-Thaî massage:
(no médical, no thérapeutic)

With this massage, I am not going to work on peculiar reflex zones to stimulate one organ or a particular zone in your body, as in plantar reflexology, but I try to stimulate all the reflex zones without insisting on one in particular. 
This massage brings a deep sensation of relaxation because it brings your whole body a beneficial action.
It includes a massaging of the feet, legs and knees.
I can offer two programmes:
Complete massage with thumb and stick: 1h  50 euros
Massage with thumb only 1/2 heure: 30 euros
                with stick  only ,1/2 heure: 30 euros


To be sure of availibility, we invite you to make an appointment by phone or by mail.

See you soon



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